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Dear visitors,

Welcome to our website. The "ancestor" of Artstand GmbH was founded in 1999 by the owners of the company, by Ferencz Laszlo. Currently, she was a limited partnership with a small capital. In the last 10 years, several transformations, extensions were carried out and a concentration in 2008 because of the economic crisis. Today this company is in accordance with the current requirements and is available with a guard of knowledgeable professionals are available to industry. We think it is a remarkable success that we could carry significant developments verzögerndern despite the crisis. A Fields Edge was worried and our octanorm system was renewed. Furthermore, we have developed the means of forwarding and the movement of materials. We have also developed, renovated all hand tools or abgetauscht the power of our computer system.

We have extended the sets of matrices, so we can hand out small furniture or replacements for a stand of lightweight panels (hemp shives) the customers in short periods. The goal is that we fast, precise serve the county the purchaser, and not least expand this circle, and reduce the dependence of the consignor.

2012 was the year of opening to foreign countries. Several booths were set challenging on various major fairs in Germany or in Zagreb.

The result of these efforts is that we can serve our customer much faster, more flexible, and on a high level. What is important to remember that we can also realize their own claims by the client. Anything with erschwingbarem price in Europe.

More hundreds of individual stalls, exhibitions, furniture in the last 12 years (from 6 m2 to over 1,800 m2, and floor stands) - hinsichtlig the amount and Bekanntnis of partners - are compelling. We are proud of the years spent with our partners, in some cases we can also say decade. We store, maintain, when required (even 10-15 issues per year, several times in places in the country) we build your stand, or see the dignified, important parts of it.

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